buying physical gold in an ira

IRA Approved Gold

Are You Seeking Protection Against inflation with your Gold Investments? Consider an IRA Approved Gold Invest. These bars, coins and round are certified to meet the strict quality standards established by the IRS.

These coins and bullion must be produced at either a national government mint, an accredited refiner/assayer/manufacturer, or both and meet minimum fineness requirements while being in an uncirculated condition without damage.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is an Ira Approved Gold Company with excellent standing. The services they offer include clear pricing as well as self-directed IRA choices and a variety of precious metals available to select from; additionally they offer one-on-one investing webinars and lifetime account support perks!

First, you'll receive the free guide to gold IRAs and video chat with an economist trained at Harvard who will share insights into investing in physical gold and silver in retirement accounts. It's a great method to begin, but without having to purchase the items offered.

Your agent assists you with opening your own self-directed IRA through Augusta's preferred custodian, Equity Trust. While this procedure requires a lot of documentation, Augusta's team will take the burden of completing 95% of it on your behalf. Once that process has been completed, you can purchase the IRS-approved silver and gold bars and coins on your own or keep them with Augusta to ensure security.


IRS has granted approval to certain precious metals and forms of bullion to be used into IRAs including bars, gold coins and round produced by COMEX or NYMEX-certified refineries, or national government mints that have met the minimum requirements for fineness.

Money Metals Exchange is the most renowned provider of IRA-approved precious metals, and it is a registered member of the IRS Trust Company. Their selection of physical round and bar coins include popular silver, gold platinum, palladium and platinum products from several mints across the world.

They provide a simple and secure method of investing in gold. It is among the few metals which remains tangible in the midst of millennia of usage as an asset class - giving diversification to dollars-denominated classic investments such as stocks and bonds.

Monex makes purchasing precious metals simple by offering a secure storage facility with instant delivery. Their account representatives are available to help with questions and assist in making an informed decision about your the purchase of precious metals.

U.S. Money Reserve

US Money Reserve, located in Austin, Texas is a gold dealer that sells government-issued bullion products such as bars and coins for sale, while also helping clients create precious metal IRAs.

The founders of the company, made up of experienced gold market veterans committed to providing clients of precious metals exceptional customer service, unrestrained market expertise and trustworthy advice - with the aim of building long-term relationships with every customer.

Gold and Silver Bullion Coins and Bars at Bullion Exchange provide investors with an extensive selection of metals that are suitable for any plan of investment, including options from both U.S. Mint and Australia's Perth Mint available.

As well as selling gold products, this business also sells silver as well as platinum ones. Additionally the coin research team and numismatic expertise ensure that every product they produce is of top quality.

They are protected with strong security procedures to guard investments against any unforeseen situations, and customer service representatives are available via telephone and via email to address inquiries and problems. Furthermore, they offer a buyback guarantee in case the customers aren't satisfied with their purchases.

U.S. Mint

The United States Mint produces gold, silver and other coins made of precious metal that are approved and certified by an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), making them a safe efficient, tax-efficient method of diversifying your investment portfolio.

The American Eagle Bullion Coins that come in one ounce, half an ounce, quarter ounce or the tenth ounce are guaranteed by the government for both their weight and purity. Additionally, they contain small quantities of aluminum, making them harder and more resistant to scratches and damage that could reduce resale value.

The US Mint offers proof versions of the American Gold Eagle that are IRA certified, which makes them suitable for inclusion without the requirement of custodian and storage charges. This unique option could prove helpful in your retirement portfolio however careful consideration should be considered prior to taking this option.